Dory Days in Pacific City

Dory boats have been one of the symbols of Pacific City. In addition to having existed in the region for hundreds of years, the dory boat has helped the locals maintain the main source of their livelihood – fishing. Also, the dories have provided a different experience for tourists of the region.

Pacific City truly derives many benefits from its dory boats, which is why a celebration is held every year, as a tribute to this most popular vessel. Local residents and tourists enjoy the party, which generally takes place during the month of July.

Every year this celebration of dory boats is assigned a different theme, and boat owners use this theme when decorating their boats for the annual Dory Days Parade. The resulting adorned boats look much like the floats you see in other parades. The participants try to make their dory look the best, not only for the sake of the parade, but also for the chance of winning a prize for the best decorated dory. Since kids and adults alike enjoy the parade, the participants throw flowers and candy to the spectators. In addition to the brightly decorated boats of the Dory Fleet, there are marching bands, regular parade floats, horses and other livestock, antique cars, and everything else that makes up a lively and vividly-colored parade.

The Dory Days parade is not celebrated to honor the boats alone; it is also the people’s way to pay respect to all the fishermen who have passed away while doing their jobs at sea. The celebration includes the Blessing of the Fleet, with local clergymen blessing all new and old dory boats for safety at sea and offering  prayers for all the dory-men.

These activities are just a few of those that take place during Dory Days in Pacific City. In addition to the Blessing of the Fleet, the parade and the marching bands, there is usually a bazaar for craft and other items. Live bands, food stalls and displays of art are also part of Dory Days –  an event many people look forward to enjoying every year.

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