Mount Hebo

Spending time at the beaches of Oregon can be very relaxing. But if you are looking for activities that would make you sweat, give you excitement, and would offer you the most scenic views in the region, then you should take a hike at Mount Hebo.

Mount Hebo is an Indian trail located at the Siuslaw National Forest. The said mountain encompasses the Oregon Coast up to the coastal mountain forests located at central Oregon. This 3175 foot landform is considered one of the highest mountain tops that can be found along the coast of Oregon. Whether you hike, take a drive, or ride your bicycle, Mount Hebo offers a panoramic view of the Oregon coastline which stretches up to 90 miles. Other than that, you will definitely take a stop once you become mesmerized with the scenic landscape of the Cascade Range.

The whole area of Mount Hebo is a home for different flora and fauna, which makes it a very interesting place to hike in Oregon. The descriptions and pictures that you can see from the hike guides are nothing compared to what you can actually experience when hiking in the mountain. All of the ferns and the moss carpeting the ground and trees of the coastal forests seem so incredible. The lush mountain is so green which makes it even more relaxing for your eyes as you hike, especially during the summer. The tranquility that you can get while you are within the fern-covered forest is something that you can never experience in a city or even if you head to a spa. Wildflowers flourish all over the grounds of the mountain during the summer.

Other than the refreshing cool air and green vista, hikers are also looking for the rare wildflowers growing on Mount Hebo as well. Coming from the Pioneer Indian Trailhead, you can hike up to 3 miles before you reach the lake campground. At the upper part of the trail is where you will see these wild flowers that were barricaded to prevent hikers from disturbing the milieu. No visitors or bikes can touch this part.

However, if you would like to hike during the winter, all the green will turn into white as the mountain becomes snow-capped. The trails will be covered with snow, thus catering for a more romantic ambiance compared to what you can see during the summer or spring.

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  1. Steve Weatherly May 17, 2015 at 3:48 pm #

    Mt Hebo Pioneer Indian Trail #1300

    At the top of Mt Hebo is an interpretive sign for the former Mt Hebo Air Force Station. This sign overlooks the meadow where the radar station was located. The sign provides text, photos, and a timeline about this “Cold War” station and the airmen who operated and maintained the radar and radio equipment. Mt Hebo AFS was a vital part of the nationwide network of radar stations that provided air defense for our national defense.

    Steve Weatherly
    689th Radar Squadron
    Mt Hebo AFS 65-67

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