Neskowin Beach

If you want to relax within the beaches of Oregon, make sure that you head to the Tillamook County. In it’s southern area, you can find one of the most stunning beaches in the world – Neskowin Beach. This pristine beach is located between Pacific City and Lincoln City.

Aside from the magnificent beach, Neskowin is also famous for the island of Proposal Rock situated on it’s coast.

The beauty of Neskowin Beach is very well preserved. Unlike other popular beaches, there are few commercial areas within the beach which comprise of 2 golf courses, a restaurant, and a general store. You can unwind with ease in any of the posh cottages available for beachgoers or anyone who wants to relax and have a good time. Many activities await you on Neskowin Beach including swimming, fishing, whitewater paddling, and boating. For those who are tired of the typical hustle and bustle they experience in the city, you can have a great escape here at this beach. It lets you feel and appreciate nature even more, become more relaxed and have an enjoyable time as you unwind from the stress of everyday work.

But lying on the beach and basking under the sun are not the only activities that you can do here in Neskowin Beach. You can also grab your outdoor clothes and boots and head to the Cascade Head Trail, where Mother Nature offers the finest sceneries you can get while visiting the beach. No matter where you are within the trail, you can see a spectacular view of the Oregon coastline. Take notice of other things the trail has to offer including the Western Hemlock, the Sitka Spruce, the Red Alder, and the Douglas Fir to name a few. You may even be lucky enough to spot an elk while hiking. You can visit the Cascade Head Trail any time of the year, however with some difficult areas in the trail, it is best if you already have some hiking experienced before trying the said trail.

On the northern part of Neskowin Beach other activities await you. Kayak or canoe on the relatively undeveloped estuary in Nestucca Bay or try fishing on the Neskowin Beach and in the Nestuca Bay. The wide array of activities makes your trip very worthwhile.

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