The Big Nestucca River

The Big Nestucca River rises in the mountains of western Yamill County and runs for about 50 miles (80 km) and flows through Southern Tillamook County, the Siuslaw National Forest,  past Hebo and Cloverdale.

It flows into the Pacific Ocean from Nestucca Bay at Pacific City.
The Nestucca River has so much to offer with it’s outstanding beauty and many activites available to you.

From sightseeing and fishing to white water rafting, you will find something that takes your interest.

Spring Chinook enter the river from late April through to season close mid June with fall Chinook in September.

They generally run upriver from October through September. You can expect spring Chinook to weigh anywhere from 18-20 pounds while fall Chinook run a bit larger at 25-28 pounds.

Steelhead also have a spring and fall run going from June to January and November to May respectively. The summer run peaks in early to mid-July and again in the fall rains, with the fall run peaking in late December. Steelhead weigh anywhere from 10-12 pounds.

The Nestucca River is also home to the protected Chum Salmon which due to it’s run weakness, is no longer permissable to fish.

Whitewater rafting and kayaking is a fun activity and areas are available for this along the river. Make sure to check which areas permit this as portions of the river run through private properties. The Blaine to Hebo section of the Nestucca River is 13.6 miles long and is classified as a Class II section (Novice) by American Whitewater. Here you will find areas laid out for you to enjoy the experience of whitewater rafting, kayaking or simply paddling.

The dryest time of year to visit the Nestucca is in July with the wettest month being December. During the summer the river temperature is frequently in the 70’s dropping to the 50’s at night while wintertime see’s temperatures between 40’s during the day and the 30’s at night.

If you want you can drive the trail along the river and soak up it’s splendor.

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