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Dory Fisherman
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Pacific City offers a vast range of opportunities, especially to those who love the sea.

One of the icons of the Pacific City is the dory boat. For hundreds of years, these dory boats have been a big part of the transportation system. They have also played a major role in people’s lives.

Due to the size and form of the boats, they have been widely used on Oregon beaches for commercial fishing, which is a major source of livelihood in the area. They also have recreational use, for white water rafting. Many shipping lines and yachts use dories as rescue boats, since they are lightweight and effective in cutting into even the most dangerous sea waves.

There are several different kinds of dory boats, with lengths ranging anywhere from 15 to 22 feet. Some of the different models are the Banks, the Cape Ann, the Swampscott, and the South Haven.

Banks Dory

This is considered one of the smallest boats in the dory family. As far back as the 16th century, fishermen in other parts of the world used the Banks Dory for their fishing needs. Being able to endure long voyages and to carry heavy weights also made this model popular among recreation lovers for a personal rowboat.

Cape Ann Dory

The bottom of the Cape Ann Dory is more flat, when compared to that of the Banks Dory. This particular dory is also known, by many, as the Gloucester. The Cape Ann can only accommodate three people at any given time.


In addition to the typical activities of fishing and sailing, the Swampscott is another model dory that may be used as a rowboat. That is because this model can be easily maneuvered and is also known for its speed.

South Haven

Unlike the other models of dory boats, the South Haven only needs one person to maneuver it.  This type of dory is the lightest; so light, in fact, that just one person is also able to carry it ashore.

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