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Dory Days in Pacific City

Pacific City truly derives many benefits from its dory boats, which is why a celebration is held every year, as a tribute to this most popular vessel. Local residents and tourists enjoy the party, which generally takes place during the month of July.

Lake Hebo

Lake Hebo is a small 2 acre lake situated in Tillamook County. Only 12 miles from Pacific City, it provides a beautiful location for you to fish. An easy use gravel trail surrounds the lake providing good bank access.


Netarts (pronounced Nee-tarts) is a very small town on Oregon coast Highway 101 in Tillamook County, just south of the slightly larger beach town of Oceanside. Located on the edge of 2500 acres of coastal rain forest.

Pacific City Dory Boats

One of the icons of the Pacific City is the dory boat, used in various parts of the world for commercial fishing, rescue boats, white water rafting, transportation, and as personal rowboats.